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Our Mission

Some companies are born out of necessity, others are born out of an obsession. 
Skycross Entertainment is definitely the latter!

Here we have a bunch of film geeks who grew up absolutely obsessed with movies and the pure escapism they provide.
Brilliantly crafted films that provoke raw emotion, are ones we often revisit time and time again. 
They remind us of people, a time and place, or certain events which have helped to shape our lives.

We are storytellers that are inspired by our motion picture heroes who paved the way before us.
Creative geniuses such as Robert Zemeckis, Sergio Leone, Steven Spielberg, Martin Scorsese, Brian De Palma, David Fincher, and the list goes on. 
Over the years they have provided worlds that make us wonder, scare us, laugh out loud, and cry.
And just like them, we strive to create films that inspire, entertain, and provoke thought, fostering a deep connection between the audience and the narratives we present.

Always rooting for the underdog, we use the powerful medium of film to shed light on important issues and contribute to the betterment of society.
Whenever you sit back and relax to enjoy a film, and you see the Skycross Entertainment logo flash across the screen.
Rest assured you're about to experience something which pushes the boundaries of cinematic expression and will take you on one hell of a ride!




Managing Director / Co-Founder

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Ronnie S. Riskalla is an award-winning Screenwriter and Director who produced dozens of
films as a young child with only a Betacam. Years later he went on to study film and drama
in High School and performed regularly in school talent shows, police youth clubs and
various school theatre productions. 

After High School Riskalla attended a private film college before going on to study and
attend workshops at The Australian Film, Television & Radio School finding his forte' behind
the camera. A passionate and hardworking writer and director, he continued his film
studies through a UCLA extension learning from professional crew working in Hollywood. His
passion to entertain an audience extends into his professional life where he worked in the
cinema industry for 20 years as a Projectionist & Technical Manager, managing and
maintaining dozens of 35mm projectors well into the digital projection age.

He ran thousands of regular screenings of films to Australian audiences as the showman, and also
running special event screenings while working alongside filmmakers and distributors. 
Juggling his film-making and his career he went onto work for American company Deluxe
Entertainment, a company established more than a 100 years ago in the golden-age of
Hollywood. He project managed the QC and digital delivery for hundreds of Hollywood films
for theatrical release in the Asia-Pacific region for all the major film studios. Further to this
he managed thousands of hours of Streaming and TV content for Netflix, Amazon, Hulu and
hundreds of production companies.

The transition from behind the film projector and working for the Hollywood studios to
behind the camera was a natural one. After attending the highly sought out Hollywood Film
School run by Independent film guru Dov S-S Simens his willingness to undertake a challenge
led to his producing and directing experimental feature film: The Day Hollywood Died which
had a limited theatrical run in Sydney and Melbourne and was officially selected at the ECU
Film Festival premiering in Paris, France.

In 2009 he established a Film production & Distribution company called Rising Pictures. In
2011 Rising Pictures acquired the distribution rights for ANZ and Pacific Islands for feature
film Mooz-Lum a film starring Danny Glover and Nia long.  He has worked tirelessly on seven
other feature films scripts in various stages of development over the past decade. In 2016, a
screenplay he co-wrote; Fire Mountain was shortlisted for multiple awards.
In 2020, Riskalla established another production company SkyCross Entertainment with
friends and co-founders Drew Pearson & Nenif David. As of 2022 they finished producing
their second feature film: Streets of Colour, an urban drama that tackles racism.
Ronnie is a member of AACTA - The Australian Academy of Cinema, Television & Arts Awards, The Australian Director’s Guild and is a member of the Australian Cinema Pioneers.


Studio Executive / Co-Founder

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Drew Pearson is an actor and producer who has studied at ACTT - Actors college of Theatre and Television and then attended the Australian Academy of Dramatic Arts in 2007(3 yrs).

In 2012 Drew played Ronnie Menton, a leading role in The Day Hollywood Died which was the official finalist for the 2012 European Independent Film Festival held In Paris. Drew also associate produced the film. In 2015 Drew played the self-loathing character Jack Drain in The 5th Shadow, opposite Joel Mcilroy (Home and Away/ Changi ) He also appeared in a small role as a reporter in Suing The Devil starring (Malcolm MacDowell - Clock Work Orange), Tom Sizemore (Saving private Ryan / Heat). Drew then played a gritty and dodgy Doherty in the 1920's film 50-50 alongside (Jess Mcnamee - The Vow/ Mortal Combat). His other Film and TV credits roll on including Horizons Crossing, (Aaron Glenane- Deadline Gallipoli\Danger Close ). An Open Letter to Uncle Edgar (Cannes Short corner) and guest roles in the ABC Award winning AFI Comedy Double the Fist 1 & 2. Following on in 2023, Drew starred in Streets of Colour alongside logie nominee Rahel Romahn (Gods favourite idiot, Wizards, The Combination). His theatre credits include highly acclaimed Don Juan On Trial as the enchanting Don Juan directed by Marin Mimica, Our Town playing the ignorant and blatant Mr Webb, Easy Virtue and The Visit directed by NIDA graduate Steven Rassios. Other credits include Miss Julie, The Jungle and The Shifting Heart. In 2014 Drew was officially selected into AIPA'S Professional Actors masterclass held in Los Angeles where he worked with Casting Directors from major studio, networks.


Drew now has passion for creating works from scratch only taking on roles that will challenge his mental and physical stature. Drew plans to film an array of film concepts he has come up with over the years and has a desire to affect and change people through his creative concepts. He also has am immense passion for business and Co founded another start up ( The Naturool Co) An Australian Eco alternative company. He looks forward to putting SkyCross Entertainment on the world map and making high quality feature films that will live with it's viewers for years to come. 


Studio Executive / Co-Founder


Nenif David is an actor and executive producer who has been in the industry for many many years. Having studied at various institutions including workshops at NIDA, Nenif has appeared in shows such as Packed To The Rafters and worked alongside the likes of Bryan Brown and Sam Neil in Old School.


Nenif has also been involved in production of late, co-producing the independent feature film The Day Hollywood Died which was the official selection at the ECU Film Festival in Paris.


Having experienced both sides of the camera, his drive and passion continues to excel with a number of upcoming projects demanding his services.

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SkyCross Operations
Freelance Production Designer

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After 20 years working in large scale I.T industry projects, Matt Bonnici brings a methodical approach to the SkyCross team as its Head of Operations.
Matt’s Technical and Operational experience across global markets including EMEA, UK, USA and APAC regions will make him pivotal to SkyCross’s growth in the coming years. 

To compliment his Technical side with the creative, Matt is also a freelance Production Designer for Film / TV and Music video production. 

Born and raised in Sydney, from a young age Matt had always been interested in Art, Architecture, Design and how things "tick". Matt had always studied visual arts throughout his formative years. Amalgamate that with his love for film, and it seemed Production Design / Art Direction was a natural progression. 

Matt completed film school in 2006 majoring in Production Design / Art Direction.
Since then he has also attended Design related workshops at The Australian Film, Television & Radio School. 


In 2012 Matt was the Production Designer for the experimental feature film: The Day Hollywood Died which had a limited theatrical run in Sydney and Melbourne and was officially selected at the ECU Film Festival premiering in Paris, France.

In 2018 Matt worked on the feature film “Of Time and the Sea” under renowned Maltese Production Designer / Art Director Charlo Dalli (Jurassic World Dominion 2022, Foundation (Apple TV) 2021, Murder on the Orient Express 2017). The film was shot on location in Malta at Fort Ricasoli, the same location as films such as Gladiator (2000) , Troy (2004), Assassins Creed (2016), to mention a few.  

In 2023 Matt became a member of the Australian Production Design Guild. 

Matt firmly believes that good design should be empathetic to the characters that exist within the worlds we create. More importantly the design should serve and add value to the story being told.


Chief Executive Producer



DR RAJ  - 1592371643230.jpeg

Dr Raj is a specialist medico in Australia with a passion for films. His career in performing arts started with acting in plays of Veteran Bollywood writer actor director Kadar Khan. From Hindi stage his career moved to Bombay Television and Bollywood films. 

He is the CEO of Rishi Raj Films in Australia and rajvidya productions in India. He turned to movie making in Australia in 2014. He was an associate producer of “Hit Girls “with Maria Tran. His short film “Gifted “as an Executive Producer opened doors of Hollywood for actor Nicolas Hamilton in which Cameron Robbie brother of Margot Robbie made his debut in acting.  

His Indo-Australian production “Dream Catcher “starring Bollywood legend Dharmendra has been released on Mx Player, Hungama.  It is expected to be soon released on Amazon. 

He has also been organiser of Bollywood concerts in India and overseas, the last one been with Shreya Ghoshal in Auckland in 2022.  

Dr Raj is honoured to be part of the team and overseeing Streets of Colour as Chief Executive Producer as he is passionate about promoting culture within the arts in Australia





Yolandi Franken is a Film and TV Producer, TV-host and industry all-rounder and
has been in showbiz since the turn of the century. She produced three feature films; Turbines
(Amazon Prime), Tabernacle 101 (USA Cinema release, Amazon Prime, Tubi, Google Play, Apple TV, Hulu) and Streets of Colour, two TV series; The Fast Lane (South-East Asian Broadcast) and Miss Multiverse Australia (Amazon Prime, Tubi), a three-part documentary series called Yols Discover, and hundreds of shorter format stories. Her works got accepted into many prestigious film festivals andreceived over thirty festival wins.

Her project, Carmen & Bolude, which was written by Michela Carattini and Bolude Watson,
received financial support from the National Film Body, Screen Australia and was accepted into
the 2021 MIFF (Melbourne International Film Festival)’s 37°South Market. The film, which she
produces with Michela, was also the only Australian film from the 41 films accepted into the 2021 Ontario Creates International Financing Forum (IFF) at the Toronto International Film Festival

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