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After his girlfriend destroys his apartment block, a desperate exchange student devises an ingenious plan to extend his visa and learn to love again: stay at university an extra year to launch a study to uncover whether PMS really exists. 

But after the intimate interviews with his subjects are posted online, the study spirals out of control and he loses the one girl he was beginning to believe in,
When he discovers that the online stories have generated
confessions of both men and women, he completes the remaining interviews on his own.

It's only once expelled and on the verge of deportation that he comes to understand the irrationality of the human condition and let himself fall in love all over again.




It's been 5 years since the most famous unseen terrorist Kurtiz Weitz disappeared indiscriminately killing thousands of people and destroying seven of the most famous buildings in the world.
This morning he walked into the Australian Federal I Jolice HO and handed himself in. His shirt reads I AM KURTIZ WEITZ.
After a deep interrogation. Agent Hardy soon learns that Kurtiz Weilz has hijacked a liairi arid Hardy's wife arid son are trapped in a gas filled tunnel along with hundreds of commuters.
Faced with no time, Agent Hardy has to work out why Kurtis Weitz has handed himself in, holding his family hostage and attempt to saving them and others before they run out of air.





After 20 years apart two brothers reunite in Australia. Whilst out at a nightclub to celebrate their reunion, the younger brother Jakob gets sucker-punched (king-hit) into a coma fighting for his life. After the attacker goes free without punishment, the eldest brother Stanley decides to take matters into his own hands. Together with his sister Elayna they will restore justice to Jakob and their family. To overcome his brother’s tragedy, Stanley’s quest for retribution is guided with the help of a former Polish Neo-Nazi leader named Tomek. Tomek's unsavoury mentor-ship has Stanley targeting sucker- punch attackers everywhere. Focusing on those who have killed their victims. With police now branding him the king-hit killer, and are one step behind him, Stanley must find a way out. Stanley’s journey will change the course of history and in the process, he'll build the ultimate train model in honour of his brother, giving meaning and justice back to his broken family.

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He's dying. And as his life is flashing before his eyes he's trying to figure out who killed him and why.The only problem is, it’s happening backwards.
He doesn't have a name. At least, he doesn't have one that's ever mentioned. Some things are best kept secret - even a name. For reasons he can't understand he was killed at his apartment.
As he lies in death's great veil reflecting back on his life as they always say it happens when you die. But unlike the assumption that it will start from the beginning, the horrid truth is that it flashes before your eyes and it starts at the end.
As scenes of his life flash before his eyes he watches the local detective begin to try and piece the puzzle together of who killed him and why. Strange friends, relatives, unknowns and people who seem to slide in and out of the facets of his life are all suspects.
As he watches closely, he begins to value the friendships of those he has lost and still has. Was it his illusive and charismatic best friend Paco? A friend he's had since he was too young to remember.
Or his new lover Stella, the one-night stand from the local bar?
With his childhood Priest under suspicion and even his loyal mother, it's the usual suspects in this sleepy beach town. He’ll have to watch closely and pay attention, each word uttered will be the clue and details needed to piece it all together and find out why and how he was killed, before he reaches the place beyond.

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