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IThe SkyCross team can help you with a number of services you may need to help realise your........

DCP Conversion

A Digital Cinema Package, otherwise known as a DCP, is the package used to distribute content to commercial cinemas. Unlike regular video files, a DCP is made up of a collection of specially encoded formatted video, audio & data files. These files are assembled and transferred onto a drive that is formatted for compatibility with cinema playback servers anywhere around the world.

Screenplay Coverage

Screenplay (or Script) coverage is a review and analysis of a screenplay by a professional script reader and story analyst to determine its potential for prospective studio, network, streamer, and production company consideration and acquisition. The end result is a written report that details these findings.

Film Project Assessment


Press Kits

A Film Press Kit is a collection of materials that filmmakers, producers or publicists put together that is distributed to the press in order to spread the word, provide information and show off your film.

Pitch Decks

A film pitch deck is a document containing information about the project you are pitching, your target audience, and what makes your project unique. A good pitch deck should include an introduction, synopsis, risks and challenges faced by your team, budget breakdowns, and a marketing plan.

Film Budgeting

Film budgeting refers to the process by which a line producer, unit production manager, or production accountant prepares a budget for a film production.

Showreel Assessment

Just like an audition with a script; a Showreel needs to stand out so that agents, casting directors, and producers can get a feel of your acting abilities. It also gives them a glimpse of how you look on camera, as well as a sense of your on-camera presence.

Geographic specific Stock footage

This is Geographical specific film or video footage that can be used again in films or other productions.
Stock footage is beneficial to filmmakers as it saves shooting new material.

Crew Database

 Our Crew & Services Directory contains a list of resident companies and individuals working in the screen industry.

Casting Database

SkyCross has access to a fresh and diverse range of emerging talent. 

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